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Combining the home-cooked lovin’ of mama’s kitchen, uncompromising artisanal ingredients, and the cutting-edge science of macronutrients, this is where cookie meets health food meets you. Yes, we’re talking 10g of protein, 0g sugar, 8g fiber, vegan, keto, and non-GMO, plus free from dairy, egg, gluten, and soy. This cookie features our own house-made small-batch cashew butter, our specialty monk-fruit-sweetened chocolate chips, and a super tasty blend of pea and brown rice proteins. An indulgence your whole body will love, your sweet tooth too. Enjoy!

Bhu Foods Vegan Protein Cookie

  • Special:

    4 boxes  =  (4% OFF)
    5 boxes = (5% OFF)
    6 boxes or more= (10% OFF)



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