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Optimum Protein Cake Bites

Introducing ON Cake Bites. Indulgent, satisfying whipped cakes that pack 20 grams of protein per serving of 3 cakes. A 60 gram serving of 3, gives you a satisfying treat for under 250 calories. Go ahead, treat yourself without cheating yourself!


Cake Bites is an anytime snack for active adults looking for tasty new ways to get quality protein. With these deliciously whipped bite-sized cakes, any day can feel like a cheat day. We’re sure you’ll also appreciate the grab and go convenience of each individually wrapped 3-cake serving.

Cake Bites By Optimum Nutrition

  • An Optimum Nutrition Product

    Deliciously Whipped Protein Snacks!

    • Delicious anytime snack
    • 20g of protein per serving
    • Only 5g of sugar per 3 cake serving
    • Make any day feel like a cheat day
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