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Take your tastebuds on a journey across the cosmos when star-like sprinkles and a delicious chocolate brownie collide against your tongue.  


*High Protein, satiates hunger (Over 20 grams of Protein)


*Healthy alternative to America's favorite dessert


*Low Carb, perfect for late afternoons and night time sweet cravings


*Under 200 calories per serving. Only 1 serving Brownie


*Simple ingredients 

Eat Me Guilt Free Brownie

  • Unlike other products on the market, Eat Me Guilt Free is safe to eat at any time of day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, pre or post workout, you choose. Why? Because the macros say so. Our original flavors, Brownie and Blondie, boasts an unprecedented protein to carbohydrate ratio. 


    Our Baked Products currently include Brownies, Cakes and Cookies, but by popular demand, Eat Me Guilt Free is always expanding it’s pantry. 


    In a nutshell, we are the best tasting and most convenient portable protein on the market. 

    We love sharing your Eat Me Guilt Free recipes and experiences on our social media platforms. So please tag us and use the hashtag #eatmeguiltfree so we can easily find them and share!

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