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NITRO-TECH® CAFÉ is a gourmet instant coffee with high-performance whey protein! NITRO-TECH CAFÉ delivers 100% premium whey protein – the building blocks of muscle – and is micro-filtered for fewer carbs and calories.

Heating whey protein has traditionally been avoided in the past, as high heat can denature the sensitive micro-fractions that give whey many of its benefits, such as easy mixing without clumps. However, MuscleTech® researchers worked with one of the largest protein manufacturers in the world to create a unique heat-stable whey protein product! It delivers a unique whey protein that has been refined using a groundbreaking, advanced ultrafiltration process before undergoing a unique manufacturing process that results in enhanced heat stability – making it the only whey that can be used in hot beverages without denaturing or becoming difficult to mix! This makes NITRO-TECH CAFÉ a first of its kind and delivers whey protein to help you reach your goals, even while you’re enjoying a delicious coffee break!

Nitro Tech Cafe

  • The most unique feature of Nitro-Tech Cafe is that it can be served both hot and cold. Heating whey protein isn’t something that’s been recommended in the past as it tends to take away its benefits. Muscletech however, has worked around this and uses a heat-stable whey concentrate in Nitro-Tech Cafe, allowing you to serve like you would your morning coffee.

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